Power Outage Safety

Before a Storm

Before a Storm

Create an emergency family plan that ensures everyone in your home is aware of the safest enclosed space that you should go to in your house when a storm starts. In this location, make sure to store emergency supplies and an emergency contact list. 

If you don't already have an emergency supply kit here are some things you should include in one: water (2 litres per person), dried and canned food, manual can openers, flashlights, batteries, blankets, a first aid kit, a mobile phone, prescriptions, cash and any other medical supplies that may be necessary for your family. 

Be Prepared

If the weather forecast is calling for a storm, here are some things to help you be prepared. 

Charge your cell phone. If the power goes out you won't be able to charge your phone until hydro is restored. If you have electronics in your house, it is best to make sure they are plugged into a surge protector as this will reduce the risk of hazards and damaged items. If you don't have a surge protector unplug electronics that can be damaged. 

Any outdoor items such as patio furniture can become safety hazards during a storm. Make sure to move them inside in advance.

During a storm

During a Storm

 If the hydro goes out - report the outage immediately by calling the office 519-776-5291. 

It is advised to use flashlights instead of candles to light your way through your home. Candles can cause fires. Always have batteries in your home to replace your flashlight batteries when needed. 

During a storm, it is best to stay inside your home and away from windows and doors. It is very important to remain indoors in a safe part of the house. Stay away from windows in case they are broken during the storm. 

It is best to avoid opening the fridge and freezer during a power outage. By keeping the doors closed it will help to maintain cooler temperatures. Have water outside of the fridge in an accessible location and make sure everyone knows where this is.


After a storm

After a Storm

Do An Inspection: 

Once the storm is over, it is best to do an inspection of your home and property to determine if there was any damage. If there was no damage you can then plug back in all of your electronics and turn the lights back on. It is best not to turn everything back on at once as this can lead to a power surge. 


Sometimes storms can cause trees to fall and damage power lines. If you notice a downed power line stay at least 10 metres back and notify E.L.K. at 519-776-5291 and emergency services right away. 

Upon your inspection if you noticed damage to your property in any way, make sure you document them. You can then notify your insurance company and find out if you are entitled to an insurance claim.