Net Metering Application Form

This form is applicable to individual or multiple generating units at the customer’s facility with total nameplate rating of 500 kW or less. Your generation facility must generate electricity from a renewable source that is wind, water, solar radiation, or agricultural biomass.

Inverter based generating units must not inject DC greater than 0.5% of the full rated output current at the point of connection of the generating units. The generated harmonic levels must not exceed those given in the CAN/CSA-C61000-3-6 Standards.

The following information is required for all net metered generators with total generation of up to 500 kW.
1. Project Information:
Owner's Information
Mailing Address
Engineering Consultant (Electrical)
Contact Name
Company's Address
2. Customer Status
Are you an existing E.L.K. Energy Customer?
Are you a HST registrant?
3. Project Size
Are all generation units of the same type/size?
4. Generation Type (check all that apply):
Check all that apply
5. Customer-Owned Step-Up Interface Transformer (if applicable):
High Voltage Winding Connection
Grounding method of star connected high voltage winding neutral
Grounding method of star connected low voltage winding neutral
Note: The term “high voltage” refers to the connection voltage to E.L.K. Energy’s distribution system and “low voltage” refers to the generator / inverter output voltage.
6. Generator / Inverter Information:

For generation facilities installing more than one type of generator, complete section 6 and Appendix A.
Number of Phases
Type of Inverter:
Are power factors correction capacitors automatically switched off when generator breaker opens?
Is the generator / inverter paralleling equipment and / or design pre-certified and meets anti-islanding test requirements?
Method of synchronizing the generator / inverter to E.L.K. Energy's system
7. Grid Interface Controller (if applicable):
Single Line Diagram:
A Single Line Diagram (SLD) is required with this application form. The SLD should include, but not be limited to:

• Customer’s electrical system showing major electrical equipment, their ratings, location of fault interrupting devices (circuit breakers, fuses);
• Generating unit(s) and their connection arrangement to Customer’s electrical system;
• Protection, metering and proposed tripping schemes;
• Isolating / disconnecting device for the isolation of the generating unit(s) from the E.L.K. Energy system: suitably rated, accessible (to E.L.K. Energy personnel), visible, gang operated, lockable, located adjacent E.L.K.’s meter;
• If applicable, information on customer owned step-up interface transformer: ratings, winding connections, grounding arrangements.
9. Location and Site Plan:
Provide a site plan (sketch) showing electric service entrance, step-down transformer, generator(s), / inverter(s) location, existing / new switchgear, location of the isolating / disconnecting device (for E.L.K. Energy usage), adjoining street name, and street address.

Note: Additional information may be required. E.L.K. Energy will inform you what additional information is required, if necessary.
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