Time-of-Use Pricing

SMART METERS and Time-of-Use rates are new energy management tools that will enable you to help smooth “peak demand.”

When we’re all using a lot of electricity at the same time we create “peak demand” periods.  And supplying electricity at those peak times has a range of impacts:

  • It adds to our electricity costs because higher demand leads to higher prices.
  • It’s hard on the environment because meeting the peaks may require the building of additional electricity generation plants.
  • It adds to the amount of new generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure Ontario must build; and consumers must pay for it.
  • It puts a strain on our electricity system.

Want to know more?  Go to http://www.ontario.ca/powersmarter and discover how TOU rates can help manage your electricity needs.

Note: If you currently purchase your electricity commodity through a retailer, you will continue to follow the terms and price stated in your contract.

SMART METERS and Time-of-Use rates can help you manage your electricity costs if you shift some of your household tasks to lower cost periods. This will benefit you and it will help the province smooth out “peak demand” periods, which will result in a more efficient electricity system for all of us. Managing the “peak demand” period also has a positive impact on the environment.

Please note that the rates quoted above relate only to the electricity cost on your bill.  They do not include delivery, regulatory charges or the debt retirement charge.  Time-of-Use pricing rewards you for using electricity during low-demand periods whenever possible.  These Time-of-Use rates; off-peak, mid-peak, on-peak, will vary between summer and winter.  Please refer to chart below:

*Electricity prices change every six months.  You can visit the
Ontario Energy Board at http://www.ontarioenergyboard.ca for current pricing.

Shift your electricity use and see the difference it can make to your bill.